We Moved

This is our bus at its new home. Thanks to our Tulsa neighbor, who lived across the street, for driving it the 6 hours to Kansas for us. Having not been driven for more than a year, we’re so glad it made it the whole way!

The last week in September a family member offered Jeremiah a job in Hays, Kansas where he grew up. By the first week of October we made the decision to move and on the first weekend in November we moved. He’ll be working while going to school to finish his BFA in Studio Art, and once we finish the bus, we’ll be living near family on three acres.

If you know us well, this decision probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise. It took us by surprise a bit. We like Tulsa. Our kids were born there. Jeremiah had a good job. Etc. Etc. For us, the decision to move to Hays was risky. Moving back to our home town never seemed like the thing to do, but for our children being near family feels right. Having a good job, a good school, a regular baby sitter (the grandparents), and land to park our bus feels like a win win.

We’re committed to being here for a while, at least until Jeremiah finishes his degree, but we’re close to great weekend destinations. So, we do plan to travel in the bus some, too. During this time, we hope to strengthen ties to family, build up our savings, and build multiple streams of income so we can work remotely, while traveling full time.

We’re sad to leave Tulsa. We loved our community there, but we’ll be around. We love to travel, and road trips are a breeze. We like having friends scattered all across the globe.

The Jamisons are a family of four converting a Chevy Blue Bird school bus into their tiny home. Follow us here, on Instagram and Twitter @_thejamisons, or onYouTube. Also, if you want to support this publication or our YouTube channel consider becoming a Patron.




Writer, English teacher, MFA holder

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Alana Settle

Alana Settle

Writer, English teacher, MFA holder

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