We need your help! Phoenixmoth is self-supported. All of the time and money going into this publication comes from the creators. We think Patreon is an excellent platform for us to share more content with you and give you an opportunity to become a part of our work.

Support Pheonixmoth and receive exclusive access to content on our patron-only feed including a monthly online issue featuring letters from the editors, author interviews, live stream Q&As and more.

Our reward tiers are as follows:


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  • Access to patron-only feed, which includes a monthly online issue curated especially for you, as well as author interviews, conversations with our editors, and more.
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Plus all previous rewards.


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Your name will appear in the credits of all of our publications.

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You are making our dream to begin a small press possible! We’ll send you a signed copy of the first book we publish and you’re name will appear in the credits.

Plus all previous rewards

These are our financial goals:


Thanks for helping us get started! This amount covers the cost of our domain, plus its migration to Medium, as well as our submittable account and some of the coffee we’ve consumed while getting things up and running.


We have a dream to begin producing chapbooks and a bi-annual print magazine. With your support that dream could become a reality after we reach this goal.


One day we want to publish books as a small press. With your support that dream could become a reality after we reach this goal.

Phoenixmoth is an infant production with a dream to break literary norms by publishing genre bending stories and visual art. Subscribe to our weekly roundup here. Follow us on Twitter @phoenixmoth.




Writer, English teacher, MFA holder

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Alana Settle

Alana Settle

Writer, English teacher, MFA holder

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