Our Plumbing Journey, part one

Our plumber friend came to help us with our plumbing on Saturday. He and Jeremiah installed the lines to the water heater and the water pump. They drilled a hole in our tub and glued the drain in place. They got quite a bit finished in one morning.

We’re only working on weekends, now. (We’d been doing some work on week nights, but that became a little overwhelming.) So, we hope to be done with plumbing within the next week or so. Then by the end of May/first of June, we’ll start work on installing the electricity (i.e. batteries, inverter, solar panels, etc.)

These two projects–the plumbing and electrical–have felt so intimidating to us. We were talking the other night about how beginning work on the plumbing felt like a transition, a new phase in our project. We took a week off before starting to plumb the bus because of that transition feeling. We needed a break and time to evaluate what’d been done.

If you have any questions about our conversion, be sure to leave a comment! Sometime soon, we’d like to give more details on how things have been done, and we would love to know what you’d like to hear.

Thanks so much for joining us!

Originally published at thejamisons.blog on May 13, 2017.

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