Alana Settle

Aug 24, 2017

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On February 28, my two year old was admitted to the ICU

It’s difficult to express how it feels waiting for your child to get well, watching her slow progress towards health. It’s difficult to express exactly what it feels like to have your two year old constantly distressed by nurses and doctors that come in at regular hours to take vitals and adjust her oxygen and IV. Your two year old, who normally greets everyone on the street with an enthusiastic “Hi.” Your two year old, who knows no stranger.Miriam went to the ER because at home she began refusing water. She had been sick with the flu, and was struggling to get well. In the hospital they diagnosed her with viral pneumonia and put her on antibiotics to prevent the pneumonia’s growth into bacteria. Miriam was one of about 1,800 child cases this hospital had seen this year with her same symptoms.

I’m still trying to process this experience. I had planned on writing a long post to explain everything, but now, I feel like the photos I took over those five days in the hospital will speak better for me.

It was a long five days wondering if Miriam would ever want to eat and drink again. Laying with her in bed every night because she didn’t sleep well enough without me. Being woken up at midnight, four, and six by a nurse taking vitals and administering therapies. Letting her watch too many cartoons because we just wanted her to relax. Giving her anything she wanted because we just wanted her to get well. It’s weird that I have this renewed since of love and care for her after this experience.

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