Alana Settle

Sep 12, 2017

2 min read

On Failing Faster

My husband recently introduced me to the idea of “failing faster”:

Work towards what you want in life, keep moving forward, take or make each opportunity, and don’t be afraid to fail. If you’re willing to fail faster, you’re likely to succeed faster!

I wrote an article called “Simply Parenting: The Willingness to Fail is Key to Our Success” about this concept on my blog “It’s Simple,” published by TulsaKids Magazine. In this article, I basically opened up about my fear of failure in regards to parenting and how this fear inhibited my ability to parent well.

I want to be more willing to fail. So, for me right now that means putting myself out there on this platform. It means submitting more of my literature to magazines for publication. It means moving forward with my publication Phoenixmoth. It means working towards those Ph.D. applications, etc. etc.!

It’s so scary to think that because of my fear of failure, I could stop short of any one of these things without even trying to succeed! Essentially, predicting my failure before it even happens.

I recognize that I will probably fail. I’ve already had plenty of rejections to my submissions to publications, but that’s a part of it. My current writing mentor Bhanu Kapil told me that once you submit a piece about eight or nine times to that many different publications, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get it published.

The fear of failure is stifling. The fear of failure will keep us in a rut.

On my blog “It’s Simple,” I asked these questions:

How can we as parents learn from our failures? How can our willingness to communicate those failures with our children encourage them to face their fears?

Let me rephrase these questions for this conversation:

How can we learn from our failures? How can our willingness to fail encourage others? How can our willingness to fail propel us forward and help us achieve our goals?

If we’re willing to fail faster, we’re likely to succeed faster!

Writer, English teacher, MFA holder

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