Finishing the Floors in our School Bus Conversion

We spent two hours working on the bus this weekend, which was much less time than we’d planned to spend. But that’s how long it took us to oil the floors. Then, we had to wait for them to cure. So, while we waited, we went on a hike.

It’s painful waiting to work on the bus when we have free days and nice weather, but we planned poorly.

For those of you who are interested in the details of how we finished our floors, here goes an attempt an explanation:

We bought a blend of Tung Oil and Citrus Solvent (called Half-and-Half) from the Real Milk Paint Co. This oil blend is all natural and non-toxic, and it’s supposed to cure and naturally polymerize. So, it should be waterproof by the end. We applied two coats of this on our floors with a foam roller. This blend is pretty forgiving. It doesn’t matter what direction it’s applied. Dust doesn’t collect in it while you apply it. In theory it couldn’t be simpler — apply and wait. You can walk on it and buff it with rags after applying it, and it takes about 7 days to cure.

Like we said, we meant to do more work this weekend, but that didn’t work out because once we oiled the floors we needed to give them a few days to set. We did install some insulation in the walls a few days later, though.

If you have more specific questions about how we did our floors, please leave us a comment.

Thanks for watching and reading!

Originally published at on March 23, 2017.

The Jamisons are a family of four converting a Chevy Blue Bird school bus into their tiny home. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter @_thejamisons or on YouTube. Also, if you want to support this publication or their YouTube channel consider becoming a Patron.




Writer, English teacher, MFA holder

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Alana Settle

Alana Settle

Writer, English teacher, MFA holder

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