Building the Bedroom Walls

Jeremiah carrying one of three pieces of 1/4" plywood that we strapped to the top of our Prius.

As of January 20, Jeremiah’s birthday, we began building the bedroom walls in our tiny house. We have officially re-started work on the bus, and we’re on a mad dash to finish it by the end of spring. Only time will tell if we will be able to reach this goal. We’ve set goals like this periodically over the last two years, and we’ve been unable to reach each of them. Its equally disheartening and motivating especially as we begin the process again of working with what we have and finishing what we can. We’re taking it one project at a time, now.

Last year, we framed in the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen structures in our tiny house. You can read the post where we started the bed structure here. Now, we’re finally working to make them functioning rooms. The bedrooms have come first, as we need to make both interior walls for them before we can finish the exterior walls.

The bed area before we built in the walls and made them into rooms.

The process for building the walls for our bedrooms was pretty simple. We went to the Home Depot and bought three pieces of nicer 1/4" plywood. We expertly strapped the plywood to the top of our car. We brought the plywood home, and Jeremiah began taking measurements of the bed space taking into account the storage area that will be above one of the kids beds. (The storage space will be accessed from the garage.) Then, he began cutting the pieces.

We worked two days on building the bedroom walls. The second day was cold and wet.

As of writing this the interior walls are in. We only need to trim up a few things, which will probably be it’s own project for a later time, and the exterior walls are nearly finished. With each project that we complete, the bus enters into a new phase of being a tiny house. It feels like the epitome of patience waiting for the completion of something that we’re making. The completion of this creative project, building our tiny house, will change our life. Sort of like a graduation or a wedding.

Miriam helped, but this is a picture of the kitchen area.

As always, thanks for following along with us! We’ve been so encouraged throughout this process by everyone who has responded to our sharing our progress on this tiny house. We are amazed by and so grateful for your support.

The Jamisons are a family of four converting a Chevy Blue Bird school bus into their tiny home. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter @_thejamisons or on YouTube. Also, if you want to support this publication or their YouTube channel consider becoming a Patron.




Writer, English teacher, MFA holder

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Alana Settle

Alana Settle

Writer, English teacher, MFA holder

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