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I have discovered that I want to be an entrepreneur. I want to write. I want to create things. I don’t want to be pouring into someone else’s dream while sacrificing mine. Etc. Etc. But I’m also a mother and a wife. The relationships in my life are top priority. So, things are difficult. My husband works full-time and I’m a mom full-time. We’re passionate about living with less so that we can give everything to our dreams. But we’re also not sure what we want sometimes.

School has helped me discover what I want to do in life. Originally, I went to school because I wanted to be responsible. I wanted to get a job that would pay the bills, but I threw that all away when I decided to major in writing. Then, after two years away from school, part of that time working at a coffee shop, the other part of that time raising an infant, I decided to begin my MFA in creative writing.

People thought I was a bit crazy for going back to school with a one year old. Especially, when I became pregnant with our second child two months before I began, but I’m now in my final semester, a published story forthcoming in a lit mag, an entire book written and being closely edited at this time. I feel good about the decisions I’ve made. I can say that it has been difficult, but I can also say that it has been rewarding.

Now, I’m starting to ask myself what’s next. My husband has talked about going back to school, so we’re considering what that may look like for us. We also are converting a school bus into our tiny home, and that project was supposed to be finished a year ago! So, we’re learning to pace ourselves, to prioritize our health and our relationships alongside our dreams.

I have a lot of dreams. I want to travel more. (I’ve travelled some.) I want to try gardening and raising chickens and goats. I want to try homeschooling my children. I want to have a book published, then more than one book published. I want to start a small press and literary magazine. I want to have a successful YouTube channel, blog, and podcast. I want to teach in a university. I want to do all of this at the same time! And I don’t know if it’s possible.

As cliché as it may be at this point, the idea of “living your best life” really is motivating for me. What would you do if you believed you only have one?




Writer, English teacher, MFA holder

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Alana Settle

Alana Settle

Writer, English teacher, MFA holder

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